Basic Manufacturing Considerations Required for Designing Die Casting Parts

The process of precision die casting is used in a number of varieties of industries for the production of high-quality metal parts that have close tolerances and finishing surfaces that are fine.

But it is to be remembered that while manufacturing a part using the process you need to make some of the basic manufacturing considerations.

  • The first thing to be considered is the draft. The mold that is used for the creation of the die casted parts has to be designed in such a way so that the part can be moved with ease from the mold after the part has been casted and cooled down as well. The draft is referred to as the little angle that is designed into the vertical surfaces of the die which allows more natural ejection of the part.


  • The next thing that needs consideration is the fillet which is the radius at the corner at which the two surfaces meet together. An internal fillet helps in the reduction of stress that occurs in the location.
  • The final thing that needs consideration is undercut which is a feature of the die cast part that prevents the piece from being ejected after the process. Thus, the elimination of undercuts makes it cost effective to be designed again.

The meeting of the necessary requirements provides you with the best quality product.