Beneficial Features of Basic and Advanced Wireless Security System Technology

Wireless security alarm technology has given home owners a more convenient and economical way to keep burglars at bay.

Basics of alarm systems

  • Hardwired and wireless security systems differ only in one aspect.
  • In hardwired system, electrical wires need to connect all the components for interacting.
  • In wireless, the counterparts like sensors, alarm, and sensors interact through radio signals.
  • Both are similar in detecting intrusion.
  • Passive infrared technology is applied in both to sense motion.

The best wireless home security systems can be beneficial in several ways.

  • Avoid installation cost because they are simple and quick to fit.
  • No disruption (like drilling, removing floorboards, etc) is involved, while installing.
  • Location does not rely on the complexity of wiring because sensors can be positioned, anywhere.
  • Tenants need not be concerned as these can be removed and re-installed, easily.
  • You can add extra sensors, easily in case of building extension or upgrading security level.


Advanced technology beneficial features

  • Magnetic sensors detect opening of doors and windows from outside.
  • Motion sensors sense motion within the house.
  • You can add additional function to detect flooding gas leaks, and smoke.
  • Sends automated alert messages via text, email, or phone.
  • For disabled or elderly people integrate panic alarm system.
  • Pets can enter the room anytime without any concern about the alarm activation.

With this long list of benefits, remember to install a wireless security system that suits your needs. If you are tight on the budget then start with basics and slowly upgrade.