Flip Vs No – Flip mattress – Which is better?

Using it every day, and yet have not given enough thought on the details of the mattresses? Well, it is very important to consider the type of mattress. The flip mattresses are 2 sided and can be used on either side. On the other hand, no – flip mattresses have only one side.

The article briefs about the flip and no – flip mattresses in mattress firm Glendale AZ. It also talks about the pros and cons of their uses.



Flip Mattress

  The 2-sided mattress must be flipped occasionally for its longer durability. Among the options in the mattress firm Glendale AZ, some flip mattresses have same cushion on both sides. On the other hand, some flip mattresses have memory foam on one side and cushion on other side.

These mattresses are ideal for all seasons. As the memory foam gives out heat, it can be used during winter. The cushion on the other side can be flipped on during summer


  • Longer life as the sides are interchangeable
  • The wear and tear are evenly distributed because of flipping
  • The partition with two different material on the inside becomes possible only with the help of spring coils. Therefore, they become cheaper
  • If one cannot afford a complete memory foam mattress, which is the most expensive, he can use the flip mattress as an alternate.


  • The flipping becomes difficult if the buyer is old or not well built

How to identify a flip mattress?

            A flip mattress will have same kind of foam on either side. One can identify this by gently pressing it on both sides. If in doubt, ask the storekeeper.

No Flip Mattress

            The no flip mattresses of the mattress firm Glendale AZusually have topmost layer closest to the buyer’s choice. The bottom layers are made with stuffing to give durability to the mattress.


  • They are multi – layered. In other words, one layer could be made of memory foam, another with cushion, latex, etc.
  • They also come in innovative designs
  • The effort put in for maintenance is less as it need not be flipped.


            The no – flip mattress from mattress firm Glendale AZneeds to be changed often. This is because of wear and tear issues. Also, they tend to sag and get sunken quickly.

The decision should be made depending on the budget and the comfort level.