Four Pitfalls About Copier Rental That You Need to Avoid

You need to be careful about photocopier leasing during renewal of your old rental contract.

Quite often you may have to face few unpleasant surprises, in case you are little relaxed and possibly your company may end up paying much more than what you thought.

Following are the four pitfalls while considering any copier rental that you must avoid.

Pitfall #1

Usually within 30 to 120 days before the end of previous lease, you are supposed to inform the rental company about your intention, if you no longer are interested to continue with the lease. Otherwise it will be automatically renewed for another 12months.

Pitfall #2

Often the leasing company imposes certain fee during Initial Document Preparation which is a negotiable and can be waived off too. However, unless you ask for its removal from your contract, it will be charged.

Pitfall #3

While making contract for copier you also need to pay the insurance charges. However, unless you clearly mention the limit of your coverage within 30 days, the company will charge you for full coverage and you will have to pay extra amount unnecessarily.

Pitfall #4

Sending back the equipment after the end of lease is your responsibility. So, you need to take proper care about its packing and insurance. Otherwise you may end up paying big amount if it gets damaged.