Grand Theft Auto-A most popular game of all time!

Grand Theft Auto-A most popular game of all time!

From the last twenty years, Grand Theft Auto has been in the most loved game in the world. Around fifteen GTA games have been released on over four gaming consoles. GTA games have everything a gamer can ask for, such as violence, weapons, heists, money, and action.

Grand Theft Auto game series is an integral part of the childhood of every 90’s child. Numerous games are out there under the title Grand Theft Auto, but all of them are different from each other.

So, to make you select the right game, some of the best GTA games are as follows.


GTA v is the latest game of the GTA franchise and is also the most sold game everproduced. The intense storyline and fantastic characters make itstand out and provides a whole new experience to the users. There are few drawbacks in the game, but the astonishing graphics and gameplay cover them easily.

GTA San Andreas

Now we are talking about the evergreen and best GTA game ever produced; San Andreas. You can play San Andreas on PC or PS4 and explore the classic GTA game. It had the most exciting and thrilling story among all the GTA games, and if you are a fan of open-world games, then you can’t miss GTA San Andreas.

It is a single-player game and allows you o do everything that you wish to do in the real world but cannot, such robberies, killings, kidnapping, etc.

GTA- Vice City

It is another classic GTA game and the best one after San Andreas. The main character, Tommy Vercetti, has its own charm, style, and attitude. There are some issues with the rendering and graphics, but overall it is a great game and is highly enjoyable.