How To Make A Mattress Best For People With Scoliosis

One of the most challenging thing for people with scoliosis is sleeping. Hence it is highly recommended that they invest in scoliosis friendly mattresses, even if it is expensive. The pain that people suffering from this condition is intensive hence giving them a comfortable mattress to sleep on at night is recommended. When you visit a mattress store Portland, it is recommended that you speak to their sales representative and let them know the specific features you are looking for in a mattress. These sales representatives are experts and they can give you reliable suggestions on the most suitable mattresses you can consider purchasing.

How To Make A Mattress Best For People With Scoliosis

Moving on, when you are already in a mattress store Portland, immediately tell the representative that you need a scoliosis friendly mattress so they can offer you option of  mattresses you can choose from.

On your end, apart from buying a scoliosis friendly mattress, these are the things you can do to make a mattress suitable for a scoliosis patient:

  • Choose a medium to firm mattress

To know the level of firmness most comfortable for the patient, let him/her lie on the bed. If possible bring him to the mattress store Portland and give him enough time to feel if the level of firmness of the mattress is enough to give him the support that he needs.

The mattress must have enough firmness to support his back and give him ease as he sleeps.

  • Use a mattress topper

A mattress topper can also help in giving the scoliosis patient ease and comfort. Choose a topper that can give the scoliosis patient more comfort. Do not choose a topper that is too thick as that will defeat the purpose of buying a firmer mattress.

Choose the mattress store Portland if they have an available mattress to offer. The usual thickness of toppers to consider is one to three inches.

  • Lessen his pillow

Too high pillow may just give strain to his head, hence as much as possible, limit the number of pillows he will use and make sure that his head, neck and shoulders are not strained when lying on the bed.

Scoliosis is painful and giving them a good and comfortable sleep is a must. Buy them a mattress that can help them feel comfortable so they can sleep well at night.