How to select a mattress based on your body weight? – A buyer’s guide to make the perfect choice of mattress based on your body weight

In order to sleep peacefully and wake up without aches and pains, it is important to choose a mattress at mattress sales Denver according to body weight of the user. The same mattress will feel different to person who weighs 110 lbs and 5 feet tall and to the other person weighing 150 lbs and 6 feet tall. This is because a heavier person tends to apply more pressure and will require a firmer mattress than the less heavy person.

Here is a complete guide to buy a mattress based on the body weight of the user

Body temperature and weight

Heavier people are more prone to feeling hot while sleeping. This is because as they sink deeper into a mattress most of the parts do not get enough air circulation. Therefore, a heavier person should get firm mattress at mattress sales Denver.Make sure the mattress is firm to keep the sleeper afloat all the time and in all positions. They can also try foam mattresses with cooling layers sewn in the surface. Heavier persons should never try for foam mattresses that aren’t designed to breathe well.

Memory foam mattresses are made of polyurethane which is non – porous. The material does not allow the air matter to enter or exit its surface. Hence, heavier persons should opt for specially designed memory foams that are well ventilated.

Weight of the person

Mattress from mattress sales Denverfeel softer when the person weighs more. This means that the person is less supported by the mattress. One should actually feel firmer and comfortable on a mattress. It should provide good support to the user. Heavier persons should opt for thick upper support layer mattresses.

On the other hand, light weight people find mattresses firmer. When the person is lighter, he does not put much pressure on the mattress. This can leave gap between the sleeper’s lumbar spine and mattress leading to discomforts and pain. Light weight people should opt for soft to medium soft mattresses.

Cushion and curves

If the user has deep curves in his body, he should choose a mattress at mattress sales Denverwith more cushion. This is because the body has to align in a way that every point on the curve is supported. On the other hand, if the user has a straight body, he does not require contouring.