How to spend a day in Stockholm that proves to be worth it?

Stockholm is a place where you cannot run off things to do ever. This place is full of great sightseeing places and has so much of diversity that one may surely find it difficult to visit this place is just a day!

Well to rescue you out of your misery, here are the things that you can do in only one day in Stockholm and not feel like you wasted time. You will get to see most of the world-famous tourist points reading this free tour Stockholm guide.

First things first: Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. This is also known as the Venice of the north as it is spread over 14 islands and the famous Baltic Sea. It has more than 60 bridges that connect the various dots of the place and make it look like heaven!

Well, without further delay, let’s hop on to other things you can do in Stockholm in a quickie!

  1. Get your breakfast.
  2. Head to Gamla Stan (the old town)!
  3. This will lead you towards Riddarholm church and house of nobility
  4. From there, head towards the royal palace and armory.
  5. This is the time to have lunch. Eat the traditional Swedish dish.
  6. Move on to the city hall and vasamusset nearby.
  7. Next, lead on to the Skansen open-air museum.
  8. Metro art is nearby for you to visit.
  9. Lastly dinner!

Look, you will need to plan it and make all the reservations in hotels and elsewhere required so that you don’t waste your time standing in queues. Next, the place doesn’t accept any stable cash, only virtual, so be prepared with your card!

For easy and better wandering, prefer walking around or getting a rental bike. I know you are short on time but Stockholm Is a small place with places at walk able distances. Thus this is a place where if you spend a couple of days, you would be able to cherish it better.