How to spend your time and the best vacation in Stockholm?

As soon as the summer vacations start, you kids will start bugging you for the place you take them to. One of the best places that can be visited in summers is Stockholm.

Stockholm is a city and capital of a diverse and cultural country Sweden, in Europe. There are so many places to visit in Stockholm that you will run out of time but not the place to visit.

Here is a free tour Stockholm for you to get started!

What is Stockholm best known for?

Any place you pick to visit with your family during vacations must be equivalent to your interests. I’m sure Stockholm will match yours interests of music, culture, art, history, and museums.

First thing first, find a reasonable hotel to stay. Secondly, get a local map and a tourist guide to understand the direction better. You can always rely on the tourist bus to take you to all the highlight and attractive places. On the contrary, if you wish to explore the area on your own, you will need a guide!

Here is the list of place you can visit and things to do in Stockholm:-

Start with City Hall that is the most critical municipal building where the annual Nobel Prize banquet takes place. Then head for The Royal Palace which was the home of the royal family of Sweden. It is now known as Drottningholm! Next place could be Gamla Stan, the old town that displays you the medieval culture. Next, you can visit the Vasamuseet that has the incredible warships of the time. The places to visit in Stockholm are infinite!

Lastly, let me tell me that though the food is famous, it will be costly. Therefore it is better to shop for groceries from the local market to find the local stores to eat.

Well if you have a reasonable budget, try meatballs and Swedish dish from a cliché place to get the feeling that you are in the capital of Sweden