How to Use The Augmented Reality Yelp Monocle For iPhone App


Although the virtual reality (VR) seems to get much hype as compared to the augmented reality development (AR), the AR has the potential to be used widely as compared to the VR and it also seems to be more world changing in the technology world. Unlike the VR, you can easily use the AR without necessarily having to buy any accessories.

Unlike VR, which you have to get hardware to combine with the app in order to function, it is possible to use the AR on your iPhone. The only thing you will require is an app which is capable of offering the features of augmented reality. There are those apps which will require other features such as a WiFi or GPS but this shouldn’t be an issue with an iPhone as it already has those features.

The Augmented reality app for iPhone is an app which helps display other businesses in real time from the screen you are using to view. You will first of all have to open the Yelp app by going to settings. Tap the button “more” which you will find at the bottom right corner of the app and from there, you open the Monocle feature.

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Wait for the monocle to begin and once it does, pan around the area and remember that, if you have even the slightest tinge of a movement that is unintentional, it is likely to misalign the location which is displayed. If you are looking for restaurants in the area which you are in, tap on the “restaurants”.

In case you are looking for bars, tap on the “bars” in order to find the bars in your particular vicinity. But if you just want to know all the businesses which are open in your current area, tap on “everything” and they will all display. Tap on whatever business you are interested in to view its business page on the app.