Ideal sleep positions that you can try out for tackling back pain problems

A large number of individuals all over the world suffer from back pain issues. There are many reasons attributed for this pain. This could be due to health related issues, or this could be due to wrong posture adopted during the day. Another reason for back pain is a result of sleeping in the wrong position on Adjustable Beds Fort Worth. Every individual finds comfort in certain positions and sleeping in a position that is not naturally comfortable will certainly result in pain. Here is a look at some of the most suitable sleep positions for common back pain problems.



Sleep sideways for osteo arthritis – individuals who suffer from osteoarthritis will find it comfortable to sleep on their sides. Sleeping with the knees called up in a position that is similar to the fetal position offers natural comfort for patients with osteoarthritis. This position is known to relieve the pain and pressure that is generally experienced on the specific locations on the spine, known as facet joints.


Sleep face down for degenerative disc problems – individuals who suffer from degenerative disc problems will find it comfortable to sleep face down on the stomach on Adjustable Beds Fort Worth. The pressure that is on the disc is considerably relieved when sleeping face down. The best option would be to slightly elevate the stomach to relieve the stress on the back. While there are other options, this is a better option when it comes to sleeping at night.


Sleep sideways for spinal stenosis – individuals who suffer from spinal stenosis will find it relieving to sleep on the sides. The condition brings considerable pressure on the nerve root and this demands sleeping in a position that will reduce the pressure on the nerve root. While it is possible to also try sleeping on Adjustable Beds Fort Worth with options for elevating the head and knees, a better option is to sleep sideways within is called up in the fetal position.


There are many other conditions that make it necessary for individuals to adopt different sleeping postures. For instance, individuals who suffer from bursitis will find it convenient to sleep on bed mattress that is soft and heavily padded. Similarly, reclining position on the bed will help to relieve the pain as a result of isthmic spondylolisthesis. Other common conditions that demand different postures for slip are herniated lumbar disc and foraminal herniated disc.