Linux mail server-Server for different platforms!

Linux mail server-Server for different platforms!

Linux is a well-known platform, and it also offers a mail server which is highly efficient and enables around 30000 transactions in a single day.

Most of the top-rated companies all over the world are using Linux mail servers as they offer an excellent level of security and is quite efficient. There are several email servers that run under Linux, and each one of them is equally popular.

Linux mail servers are not routed through the third party, which makes them highly secure and minimizes the risk of data breach and theft.

A Linux mail server is quite easy to set up, and it doesn’t take much time. Some of the best features of a Linux mail server are mentioned below.

Allows customizing Mail Interface

  • One of the best features offered by the Linux email server is that it allows customizing the webmail pages according to the preference of the user.
  • The personalized webmail pages enhance the user interface and improve the experience offered by it to a great extent.
  • You can choose the different color combinations, personalization of the logos, and enjoy an integrated experience.

Keeps a copy of all mails

  • Numerous emails are sent and received on the Linux server in a single day.
  • So, if the uses have to take a look at an email that he received someday before then, it will be almost impossible.
  • Linux email servers make it possible by keeping copies of all the sent and received emails in a separate mailbox.
  • It makes it quite convenient for the users to access any email at any time without any issues.

To summarize, Linux mail servers are considered to be one of the best and are used all over the world.Some of the top reasons to use them are listed above.