Solutions to the Queries Related to Spray Tanning

Spray tanning is fast gaining popularity compared to the other tanning procedures due to its benefits and negligible side effects. However, if you are new to this kind of tanning method, it is best to know more about it before seeking the services of a tanning professional.

Here are few answers to the questions commonly asked by people:

  • How useful is spray tanning compared to the other tanning process?
    • The best part, which makes it unique is that there are no side effects of tanning. The whole procedure is completed in few minutes and moreover the tanning done lasts for couple of weeks.
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  • How does it work?
    • You just need to expose the parts of the body that need tanning while standing in spray tan booth. The automated tanning sprays that are filled with self-tanner solution gets activated and starts spraying on the parts that need tan. A pre-recorded voice will instruct you to change position every few seconds. A nozzle aids in spraying air to dry your body while completing the process. The whole tanning procedure finishes in five minutes maximum.

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  • Things to be considered before the appointment?
    • Make sure to know the kind of products used in the salon. You can contact earlier customers to know in detail about the salon staff and the benefits of the procedure used by them. Ask the salon customer care staff whether certified technicians will do the job of tanning. The cost may be a bit high in salon using high quality eco friendly tanning techniques and solutions.

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