Some surprising facts about Xbox one

Xbox is undoubtedly the most loved gaming console as it offers a great package of amazing features and functions that serves various other purposes, too, other than playing games. It is one of the most sold gaming consoles all over the world and still has a massive demand among gamers.

The users that have used Xbox once don’t even look at any other gaming consoles. You can easily buy some of the Best Xbox One accessoriesthat can add some additional stars to your gaming experience with Xbox One.

Some of the fantastic hidden features of Xbox one

Copilot mode

It is an excellent feature in the Xbox one that most of the users are not aware about. Everyone knows about the features that allow you to connect eight different controllers at the same time to play a multiplayer game, but most of the Xbox users don’t know that they link two different controllers with each other and control both using one. It is a bit lee known but an amazing feature that Xbox offers to its users.

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Play high-quality music on home theatre

Along with games, Xbox also offers different entertainment featuresand also allows you stream music on your home theatre through your Xbox. It supports all audio files, but it doesn’t decode it instead of it passes it to your home theater and play them on it, but to enjoy this feature, you must have the latest version Blu-Ray player installed on your Xbox One.

No need for a controller

It is not necessary to have a controller to access Xbox one; you can easily control it using your mobile phone through modern integration offered by Microsoft that connect your device with the Xbox and offers you full control.