Stockholm-The Most Visited Tourist Destination of Europe

Stockholm-The Most Visited Tourist Destination of Europe

There are a lot of activities to do in Stockholm as it is considered one of the largest cities in Sweden.

The place is filled with beautiful infrastructure and most of them being designed in Scandinavian style.



The place attracts several tourists every year making it one of the most visited tourist spots.

  • There are various mythical characters that are believed to be present in the city and they are ghosts, spirits, vampires, etc. All these encourage tourists to have a ghost walking tour of the city.
  • The local delicacies of the city are worth trying as they are considered really good. You can even join the food tour that is being held in the city, this will give you a new experience of food culture.
  • The Gamla stan is one of the oldest towns of the city of Stockholm and the tour wouldn’t be considered complete without visiting the oldest town. It has various things to offer to tourists.
  • You can even visit the royal palace which belongs to the royal family of Sweden. The palace is known as Drottningholm palace and was considered world heritage site by UNESCO.

Free walking tour Stockholm is a good option if you want to explore the city without being lost.