Things To Know About CASP Certification

For the IT professionals who are interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity and pen-testing, CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) has designed CASP, also known as CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner).



About the exam

The objective of the casp certification exam is to check the knowledge of the candidate based on research and analysis, risk management and incident response, your security and hacking knowledge, communication and business disciples and how you handle the technically integrate the components related to enterprise and IT. The exam is of the multiple choice format and contains around 80-90 questions which the candidate has to be done in 2 hours and 45 minutes. After the exam, there are no marks sent to the candidate but only a pass or fail notification. If the candidate does not pass the exam in the first attempt, then the CompTIA lets the candidate take the exam again in the next 24 hours.

Benefits of CASP Certification

It is beneficial for individuals wanting to learn techniques about hacking and perform pentesting operations. It leads the individual in new and great opportunities in their IT careers. The certification gives them job security for their contribution in their respective fields. After the CompTIA certification, the individuals gain credibility and respect in their workplace. The leading companies require employees who have CompTIA certification because of the knowledge they have gained through the exam and during the preparation. Many technological positions in the military and government are also offered to certified professionals. It is a little difficult to crack, so it shows that you are serious for pursuing a career in IT. When seeing you this dedicated to your career, the hiring managers are very impressed with your dedication.

Valid period of the certification

From the day of the exam, the casp certification is valid for three years. For extending the validity of the certification, there is a CE program where various activities and training are conducted, which is related to the knowledge and content of the certification. During the three years of valid certification, if you have education units or by completing the online CE course or the CertMaster CE, your certification will be renewed when you upload it to the certification account. The process of continuing your validity period enables you to be in touch with the latest and new technologies and knowledge about the career in IT industry.