Top Reasons for Poor Dental Condition and Tooth Decay

Top Reasons for Poor Dental Condition and Tooth Decay

Tooth decay usually occurs when the bacteria on your mouth forms an acid which eventually results in decaying of your tooth. Initially, the decaying is slow with unnoticeable damage.

However, it progresses to different layers of your tooth which can lead to permanent damage.

In this article, you will find various reasons for poor dental hygiene and tooth decaying process –

  • Poor dental hygiene means you are not brushing your teeth twice on a regular basis, and not flossing or rinsing as well. It is very important to brush as well as floss your teeth regularly.
  • A person who has deep crevices in his teeth is more likely to face tooth decay as deep crevices allow plaque and bacteria to grow easily.
  • An oral surgeon Henderson will recommend a dental sealant if you have gaps in between your teeth to prevent the growth of bacteria in those gaps.
  • You are recommended to avoid foods that contain carbohydrates, high intake of sugar or are acidic in nature.
  • People who have a dry mouth are more prone to suffer tooth decay as the saliva in your mouth helps to prevent the growth of plaque.

All these tips along with a healthy diet will help you take care of your dental hygiene.