Various types and varieties Of Dog Beds

While you may love your dog sleeping at your feet or snuggling beside you on your bed, it is not possible to do it every time. Thus having his own bed is an essential requirement for your pet dog just like your bed is to you. However, before you purchase any of the dog beds, it pays to know about its various types and varieties.

Standard dog beds are most common and popular. Lacking any edges of rims, they look more like a cushion or a pillow. While they are available in many shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, they are usually long and plush.

Next dog beds are like standard beds, but they have raised edges with rims or bolsters. Resembling more like sofas or couches, the raised edge allows the dog to lean on to it or curl against it and thus brings in greater comfortability for the dog.

dog beds

For older or aging dogs, nothing is more comfortable than an orthopedic bed. It brings relief to their joints, hips and bone problems in general. They are thick due to their foam design. They are highly pain relieving as they are soft enough to rest in but firm enough to allow easy getting up from them.