What care to take while selling legal CBD hemp oil

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Laws and regulations regarding the use as well as sales of marijuana are consistently amended, which is tough to know exactly what is going on. Legality about CBD hemp oil sales is no different.

Why CBD got a bad rep?

  • CBD is an abbreviation for Cannabidiol, which is detected in cannabis plant.
  • CBD got bad reputation because people confuse it with THC.
  • THC is actually responsible for the intoxicating effect that marijuana user’s experience.
  • THC is an illegal substance and not CBD

CBD hemp oil

  • CBD extracted from hemp contains .03% THC, so has never been illegitimate in the US.
  • Unlike marijuana, it is never banned because it does not user feel ‘High’.
  • FDA considers hemp as food-based product, so it can be transported freely and sold across state lines.

What care to take while selling legal CBD hemp oil?

  • Selling CBD hemp oil is legal but you will need to be familiar with an array of regulations and comply to it properly.
  • CBD hemp oil derived from industrial hemp plants cultivated in states, which allow it can be sold.
  • If the CBD product is extracted from cannabis plants then its sales and use is more severely regulated.
  • To sell CBD oil made from marijuana, doctor’s prescription will be needed and it can be sold legally in states, where medical cannabis is legalized.
  • You will also need a state license to sell.
  • It can only be sold to buyers providing legal doctor’s prescription.

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Fortunately, you can buy wholesale CBD oil made from hemp and sell them in fifty states legally.