What Is Dental Crown: Get Complete Information Here!

Are you thinking of having dental crown, but afraid of getting one? Well, you’re at the right place, then. This guide will answer all your questions and help you deciding whether or not getting dental crowns would be a right choice for you.

Dental crowns have numerous benefits. A lot of people in Orange County, US, have benefited from dental crowns, thanks, to the experienced cosmetic dentist Orange County. One must be much careful while picking up a dentist.

What is a dental crown?

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It’s a cap that is placed over your prepped tooth to restore its structure and functionality.

Why dental crown?

There are mainly two reasons for getting dental crowns.

Cosmetic reasons

  • Restoring a fractured tooth.
  • Covering stained teeth.

Functional reasons

  • Crown protects and prevents weakened teeth from getting damaged.
  • It’s always best to crown the tooth, if it’s already heavily filled. Crown will strengthen the teeth and prevent it from becoming worse. It also provides strength to the teeth that have become weaker due to root canals.
  • Crowns works very well, if you’re interested in implantation of a single tooth.

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Types of crowns

There are two types:

Permanent crowns

The crowns will be placed on your teeth for some years. There crowns are specially designed in special labs or dental office.

Temporary crowns

As the name suggest, they’re not meant to stay for a longer time. They’re prepared in the dental office and usually are made of steel or aluminium.

As you saw, dental crowns when fitted properly have many benefits. All you need to do is to select a right dentist for you.