What is mattress–in–a box? Is it right for you?

Bed – in – a box is a revolutionary way of shipping mattresses. It is best suited for those buying online. The mattress store Denver compress the mattresses, roll them to make the shipping easier. Here is a complete guide to learn about mattress-in-a-box.

How to open a mattress – in – a – box?

  1. Slide the box to the room where the mattress is to be laid on.
  2. Carefully use the scissors to cut the box.
  3. Pull the mattress out of the box. Ask for extra help if the mattress is big and heavy as that of latex mattress.
    1. Make sure the scissors do not damage the mattress
    2. Do not push the blades too hard, it could pull out the threads in the mattress fabric
    3. Many mattress store Denver send special tools that are protected by plastic barrier
  4. After removing the box, watch the mattress expand. Though changes can be witnessed in a few minutes, one has to wait for 48 hours for the mattress to completely expand.

How are mattresses compressed?

  1. Special machines are used to compress the mattress.
  2. The first step of compressing a mattress is to preserve it in a plastic bag.
  3. A conveyor belt then takes the mattress to a compressing unit where the mattress is compressed from all sides.
  4. After compressing, the mattress looks like a quilt. The samples can be seen in the mattress store Denver
  5. The sides are then folded

Is the quality of the mattress compensated with compressing?

            The natural making process of the mattress involves compression. Every material, foam or latex is compressed to bring the mattress to its cuboidal shape and also to increase its rigidity. Compressing it further a little more will no way affects its quality.

What are the drawbacks in buying a mattress – in – a box?

  1. While mattress compressing does not compensate the quality of the mattress, leaving it in compressed state for more than 8 to 10 days damages the mattress. Many mattress store Denver, leave the mattress in its compressed state for months.
  2. Leaving them compressed too long causes serious off – gassing problems.
  3. Therefore, make sure the company starts building up the box only after the order is placed.
  4. There are also sleep trial problems involved. This is because many companies do not provide this option while they are delivering mattress – in – a box.